30 October 1917: marine Karl Chlappik captured

This was the day of the second stage of the Second Battle of Passchendaele. The Canadian objectives for the day were to complete the capture of the positions they had attacked on 26 October from where they could later carry out the final attack on Passchendaele itself.

Just one Skipton prisoner was captured. He was Karl Chlappik who was a marine in the German Imperial Navy. He had celebrated his 20th birthday just two weeks before. He was captured at Poelcappelle. He had been born at Domb in Upper Silesia and lived at Hohenlohehütte. Both places are close to Katowice and have been part of Poland since the Second World War.

2 members of his regiment (2nd Marine Infantry Regiment) were killed at Poelcappelle on the same day. Another member of his regiment had been killed there the day before.